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Personal Health Coaching Now Available at LetsLose

LetsLose is so excited to announce a new affiliate health coaching program. Sometimes you just need a little extra help… that is where Ellanie Health Coaching kicks in!

January. A time to reset. And boy do we need a reset. But wait… I had a reset last year, and uh, the year before that and the year before that… Same ol’ song and dance…

Let’s take a peek into your future.

We can look at two potential outcomes… one with intentional change and one with status quo.

We can start with status quo first, because that is the easiest to see. It is where your health is right now and the trajectory of your future.

Have you lost weight in the past, only to find it again, making weight loss efforts unsustainable?

Are you exhausted? Lacking energy?  Are you facing or fearing the woes of diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure or other weight related medical conditions?

Most likely it is time for intervention.

Now a peek into your new future… Imagine your body as a fat burning machine. Your closet is full of clothes that fit well, no more hiding under those loose clothes… and no more back fat or love handles… well, at least it is retreating, meaning: you are winning!!

Now imagine your health markers showing improvement toward; stabilized blood sugar, reduced joint pain, lower blood pressure, improved mood and better sleep. Your weight is beginning to drop and your body is starting the recomposition process.

You are so excited! Yes! You are starting to feel good again.

Two different outcomes… Your future?  You choose.

2023 is the YEAR OF POSSIBILITIES. Keep reading below to learn about some of our new programs and services that will put you on a path toward a life that is vibrant and full of energy.


Sometimes you just need a little extra support!

We are so excited to intoduce our newest affiliate service, Ellanie Health Coaching: an intimate small group training course.

Group Coaching Features: 60 minute group coaching session each week, access to the Un-Diet private Facebook group, physical copy of an IF book to support the teaching, unlimited texting to coaches for support for the duration of the program.

Private 1 to 1 Health Coaching via zoom also available!

A separate entity, but well connected to LetsLose.

Meet Your Ellanie Health Coaching Mentors

Dana Ray, ICHC lives a high energy life and wants to share her gift of teaching others how to be their best self so they too can live life vibrantly. Dana was an integral part of the growth and development in the early years of the LetsLose Weight Loss & Wellness Centers. As a grandmother of 5 and a mom of 2, her desire is to maintain optimal health and live life to the full.

Anita Gibson, CHWC is the President and Founder of LetsLose Weight Loss & Wellness Centers in Alabama, est. 2003. A mother to 5 and grandmother to 8; life is rich! Ready to serve in a more personal way, she and her BFF Dana Ray, are excited to offer this personalized, intimate, small group health coaching program.

Fun Fact: The name ‘Ellanie’ is derived from ‘L’ & ‘E’ which represents Lucy & Ethel from the I Love Lucy Show. Dana & Anita are lifelong friends, hard workers, and have a “do what it takes to get the job done” attitude; the modern day Lucy & Ethels.

For more info or to book a discovery call or a coaching program contact Dana Ray at or Anita Gibson at


To Schedule a Free Discovery Call Click HERE

Everyday is a choice.  Are you ready for change?