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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn More About Weight Loss, Our Programs, and The Advantages of Both

The Answers to Your Weight Loss FAQs

You can learn more about our programs here, but you’ll know which programs are right for you after a new patient consultation with our on-staff physician. At LetsLose, we’re dedicated to the wellness of every patient, and that includes assessing your health needs and goals. Contact our office today to request your no-risk, no-obligation new patient appointment!
Like most medical treatments, results will vary from person to person. Some of our programs have results in as little as a week due to water weight loss, while more progressive results take several months, if not longer. Explore our programs to learn more about weight loss treatment options and book an appointment at one of our weight loss clinics to find the right program for you.
Yes, our medical weight loss programs include appetite suppression options. You can explore our programs page to learn more about available treatments and how they work.

These appetite suppression programs are designed to go hand-in-hand with meaningful lifestyle changes such as diet, exercise, and good sleep to ensure you see consistent, lasting results. Contact our team for a consultation to learn more.

Yes! We have several treatment options that don’t involve appetite suppression. The majority of patients can experience weight loss results with help from our lipotropic vitamin injections and our oral supplements.

Patients who don’t use appetite suppressants can also still benefit from our clinic’s resources, such as our dietary guides and suggested exercise regimens. Our supportive staff is here to offer every patient encouragement and personalized guidance for overcoming obstacles in the way of successful weight loss.

Yes! LetsLose is dedicated to making weight loss easier and more supported with our resources and with modern technology. We have two specialized online weight loss programs. You can learn more about them by visiting our e-Wellness page. These programs are accessible by apps and by web browsers for your greatest convenience wherever you are in the world.
You can call 205-670-5355 for assistance booking a new patient appointment as soon as possible. Current patients and new patients alike can also use our scheduling page to book an appointment. We invite you to reach out to our office for anything—questions, assistance, concerns, or good news! Get in touch with us today to improve your weight loss journey.
Still Have Questions?

Get the answers you’re looking for by booking a no-risk, no-obligation new patient consultation. Call us today!