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About Us

Learn Who We Are & Where We Started

Your Local, Trusted Weight Loss Clinic Serving Central Alabama & Beyond

Our mission is to encourage each patient and provide the best weight loss service possible so that our patients become success stories through extraordinary experiences. LetsLose began as Anita Gibson’s family business in 2002 under the name of Advanced Weight Loss Clinics. Anita’s vision was to make a difference in people’s lives through successful, supportive weight loss programs. At the time, the weight loss industry was uncharted territory; however, our faith, vision, hard work, and dedication have enabled us to grow into the company we are today.


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Company Story:

LetsLose is a Christ-centered company. We believe that Jesus Christ is the CEO of this God-given establishment. We believe in servant leadership; therefore, our mission is to serve each patient how we would want to be served (Luke 6:31).

The experience they receive is based on our company values — our gold standards of conduct and service:

  • Put God first (Matthew 22:37-38)
  • Treat all people with care and respect (Matthew 22:39)
  • Be consistent in all things, striving for excellence at all times down to the smallest detail (Colossians 3:23)
  • Become and remain the industry leader in weight loss and weight control
  • Make someone’s day—today!

No matter your faith, we believe these foundational aspects of our company will benefit your weight loss journey. Get in touch with our friendly, compassionate team today to find the right program for you!

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