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In today’s society, dependence on fast food increases, but so does our waistline!

If you are like most Americans, you are short on time, and so therefore rely heavily on fast food. We tend to think it is convenient, cheap and easy to pull up to a drive-thru and grab the “Family Meal Deal” and be on our way. Fast food restaurants have become ubiquitous, every corner and intersection provides a variety of choices in every flavor to meet your taste buds.

Nevertheless, this lifestyle can lead you on the “fast track” to fat. As easy as it is to fall into this trap, you need to consider what it is doing to your health and your physique!

Obesity has become one of the most expensive health problems in the United States today, and fast food contributes to this problem. Foods that are best known to contribute to weight gain are french fries, fried foods, desserts, sweets, and sugary drinks, which are the most popular foods purchased at fast food restaurants today. As a Nation, Americans spend $137 billion a year on fast food and then turn around and spend $60 billion on weight-loss solutions.

In a recent study, participants who consumed fast food two or more times a week gained approximately 10 pounds in one week! Part of this is due to the portion distortion, which basically leads fast food restaurants to serve larger portions and make “biggie size” available at a better deal to the consumer.

These growing portions are changing what we as Americans think of as a “normal” portion size. The more food put in front of you the more you will eat. We at Letslose, would like to encourage you as the consumer to make smarter decisions when choosing the foods you put in your body. Manage your time and money and make your life more simple and less focused on the Fast Track to the Fast Food Trap.