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Late Summer Lifelines

September. Not fall. Not summer. Usually, around this time of year, I get really bogged down when it comes to my healthy routine.  Can you relate?  Sticking with the program seems to be stuck in the mud.  Maybe it’s that the stifling late-summer heat drives me inside more or that days are again filled with the frantic pace which accompanies the back-to-school madness.  A lot less “me” time conspires with stress, driving me to the edge of an abyss where I come face to face with a well-known crevasse that stretches all the way through the holidays and the point of no return.

I need a lifeline.  No, I need a miracle to keep me on the rails and steer this bad boy back onto the straight and narrow way! “Jesus take the wheel!” (LOL) It’s time to catch a glimpse of a new horizon and bring my wilting willpower back to life.  You might be surprised to know that research shows that even making a few small “adjustments” to your life-landscape can literally jog your memory and body back into motion. Try these late-summer lifelines…

SWEET SPOTS – Seek out a local place that offers a (genuinely) healthy smoothie and dub it your “sweet spot” to reward yourself after a week on track. True, Smoothie King has some not-so-healthy choices but one to try is their Lean Chocolate Smoothie, 20 oz , 293 Calories, 11 g fat, 1 g sat fat, 317 mg sodium, 28 g carbs, 7 g fiber, 18 g sugar, 22 g protein.

SCENERY SPICE – Energize your attitude with a new place to run, walk or exercise.  Beat boredom with a new route or workout class. If you live near a state park, utilize these great resources like Oak Mountain State Park in Pelham! For something closer to home, create a peaceful place in your home or yard reserved for moments of reflection after workouts, runs or walks. 

FOOD FINDS – I love it when I find something new at the grocery store or get a friend’s recommendation!  It’s a blast of fresh air to a menu routine that has grown stale.  G.H. Hughes Sugar Free Sauces are one of my new “go-to” favorites. I use their Teriyaki Marinade to create a bombshell stir fry with chicken and veggies, the BBQ sauce in 3 flavors to add kick to everything on the grill, and their Honey Mustard sauce for dipping…well, everything.  The Orange Ginger Marinade makes a killer baste for turkey, chicken, and pork and the Lemon Herb Vinaigrette marinade sends broiled fish heavenward (it’s also yummy on salad.) Check out the website for recipes.

WORKOUT WOW – Even without making big investments, trying out a new workout gadget can rekindle your fire. Consider a Resistance Bands System like the BodyBoss Home Gym System, kettle bells, or a folding magnetic upright bike.  Even something as simple as a jump rope could be a secret weapon to resurrect your routine.

LETSLOSE LIFT – A sure way to start your day with a bang is with a cool shake made with our Time Release Whey Protein Blend with probiotics. Order online here at You can also score healthy snack options at any LetsLose location. Stash these in your desk drawer or backpack for a mid-afternoon lift.

Let intentionality and creativity transform the gloom of the grind into the tempo of triumph!