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Thankful, Grateful, Blessed

The month of November is a time of turning our thoughts to those things that we are blessed with and for which we are grateful. It’s a time to remember the blessings of the past and renew our commitment to focus on the blessings of today instead of grumbling and complaining. It’s a time to take a break from fretting over the things we are striving for and rest in the goodness that the Lord has poured out on us.

Here are some things on our “Thankful List.”
First, we are thankful for the Lord, Jesus Christ who has led us and blessed Letslose through the years as we have grown. We have been carried by His presence and goodness through the good and bad times.  He is the reason we exist today – to be a blessing to others and share His love through this work that we love.

We are so thankful for the patients and friends who are such a vital part of the Letslose family. You are more than “customers” to us. Your confidence and faith in Letslose inspires us and pushes us on to continue doing all that we can to help you enjoy the life God has given you.

Our ever growing staff of managers, technicians, office support, corporate staff and physicians are a source of continued blessing to us and for which we are deeply grateful. Our Letslose team is made up of so many precious people without whom we would not have this incredible company!

Our Thankful List just keeps getting longer!  This month, we challenge you to dedicate a few minutes each day to write a few notes of thanksgiving and then – be brave and share some of your thoughts with family or friends as you have an opportunity.