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How You Can Beat the Heart Disease Gene

A healthier heart—it’s why many of us try to lose weight. We know that what we eat directly influences our health, but we also hear about how many heart problems are genetic. Overcoming cravings and building good exercise habits is one thing, but can you fight your own genes? It’s possible, shows one study in PLoS Medicine’s current online journal issue.

Recent studies have linked certain genes with an increased risk of heart disease, but people with these heart disease genes who eat healthily are at a significantly lower risk of contracting heart problems. The researchers refer to a “prudent diet,” one high in raw fruit and vegetable intake.

We at LetsLose think that this study just goes to show how far a healthy weight loss program can take you—even if your genes have other ideas! We’ve included a few ideas for working raw fruits and vegetables into your diet below.

  • Apples go with everything! They’re tasty, sweet, and inexpensive. Slice them up and add them to your omelets, sandwiches, and salads—or just eat them on their own! They’re a great source of fiber, which will help make you feel full and satisfied.
  • Prepare veggies beforehand. Cut some carrot and celery sticks and store them with a little cool water in an airtight container in the fridge. This makes the healthy, low-calorie snacks ready for whenever you feel like a quick bite. Preparing healthy snacks ahead of time helps you choose them over the not-so-great pre-packaged snacks.

What are your favorite ways to add raw fruits and vegetables to your diet? Comment and share some of your recipes!