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Fuel Weight Loss with Flavor!

It seems like going on a diet means saying goodbye to flavorful food. We’re supposed to cut down on sugar and sodium, leaving us with what might come across as fewer options when it comes to good food.

However, there are ways to beat the flavor system! Salt and sugar might be regular go-tos, but there are other ways to spice up your meals—and they can actually help you lose weight!

CNN Health put together a pretty presentation of 10 herbs and spices that can help propel us along the path to vibrant, healthy lives. Among these were ginseng and mustard (for boosting metabolism), turmeric and black pepper (for burning fat), and dandelion (for making you feel full longer).
We’ve put together a list of ways you can start using these herbs and spices to boost both the flavor of your meals and the effectiveness of your diet!

  • Pepper it up! You’ve probably got some black pepper in a shaker or grinder in your kitchen already. It’s tasty, it gives your meats a nice bite, and it can “potentially burn as many calories as walking for 20 minutes,” says the University of Oklahoma.
  • Ginger is your friend. It can “suppress appetite, aid digestion, remove toxins and raise the temperature of the body to boost metabolism.” Add it to your tea, steam it with your carrots, and enjoy the benefits of fresh ginger!
  • Cinnamon: synonym for “blood-friendly.” It’s sweet, hot, and tasty, and it also “reduces blood sugar and LDL cholesterol.” A few studies have shown it to raise metabolism and insulin levels, lowering the risk of pre-diabetes. Sprinkle it on your apples, coffee, and other snacks!

What are some other ways you can boost the flavor of diet-friendly foods?