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Don’t Wait – Hydrate!

Fresh, clear, cold, low-calorie water: you already know it’s good for you, but did you know it can accelerate weight loss?

Water is inexpensive, and it’s everywhere! Besides that, there are several more advantages to healthy water intake:

  • Water can speed up your metabolism. A WebMD study in 2004 indicated that drinking cold water can raise the body’s metabolic rates by a small margin.
  • Water helps your body burn calories. Your body can burn calories more easily if it’s hydrated. Drinking water keeps your body ready to exercise and lose weight.
  • Water washes out toxins. When your body burns off calories, it leaves behind toxins as a by-product; water helps flush these out.
  • Speaking of flushing … Most diets recommend high intake of fruits and vegetables, which means a lot of fiber! Fiber is great for your body, but if you’re dehydrated, it’s not easy for you to get that fiber back out. Drinking water helps fiber finish its job in your body without leaving you constipated.

If you’re not used to drinking water as the default beverage, you’re not necessarily dehydrated. Other fluids can hydrate your body, but they’re not necessarily as effective (or cost-effective) as a cool glass of H2O. Be careful of caffeinated drinks, as diuretics cause you to lose water.

To boost your water intake, take a water bottle with you to work in the morning. After you’ve drunk the water inside, refill it. It keeps you hydrated, and if you keep a bottle of cool, fresh water at your desk, it will be your default thirst fix.