Founder, President, Visionary Officer &

Certified Health Coach

In 2002, Anita Gibson cast the vision to make a difference in people’s lives through successful, supportive weight loss programs. LetsLose began under the name of Advanced Weight Loss Clinics, and since then has grown into a life-changing series of corporately owned and franchised clinics. Anita Gibson’s desire was to encourage each patient and provide the best weight loss service possible, so that they become success stories through an extraordinary experience – and she keeps our eyes on this mission.

Anita created this company to make a difference in the lives of others, both for their health and for God’s glory. She set up LetsLose to be a supportive, encouraging family of experts who place patients’ spiritual and physical health first. Anita is the heart of the LetsLose family, and our heart beats for our patients. Anita loves to hear stories of how our patients have overcome their struggles with weight loss though our simple, successful programs; and she looks forward to more lives being changed!

Anita is a Health Coach, certified through the BHC, Health Coach Institute. She proudly served in the United States Air Force. She is the loving mother of five children, and brings her strength, leadership, and creativity to every role she plays, whether crafting new plans for LetsLose clinics or serving in her local church. People are her passion, and she will continue to direct LetsLose to help and encourage those who are ready to lead happier, healthier lives.