Vitamin and Appetite Control Therapy

The vitamin therapy program consists of B6, B12 and lipotrophic injections combined with a low calorie/low fat meal plan that we provide. Patients are under physician supervision and may qualify for a prescribed appetite suppressant to be taken along with the weekly injections. Included in the initial cost of the program is the physician’s fee, first week’s injection, a two-week supply of each vitamin supplement, listed below.

hCG Therapy

The hCG hormone therapy program consists of either hormone injections or tablets taken daily. These are combined with a very low calorie diet of 500 calories per day, which is laid out specifically. A physician supervises the therapy in 28-day sessions, and patients are expected to weigh in weekly. This plan includes one injection each of vitamins B6 and B12, along with a double lipotropic vitamin, hormone prescription, and meal plan information. The physician’s fee is also included.

  • *1 session of injections (taken once daily) — $289.00
  • *1 session of tablets (taken twice daily) — $349.00

Free Children’s Program

This program is offered in our McCalla office on Thursdays 3pm – 6pm. It provides information and hands-on learning for parents and children about nutrition and fitness. Kids meet in small groups once weekly, and parents are encouraged to attend with their child. Classes are guided by one of our weight loss coaches who makes losing weight and getting healthy fun! You and your child will learn about making good choices, mealtimes, snacking portions, general dietary guidelines from the USDA chart, exercise, health with regards to obesity, and much more. Child participants will get hands-on experience while having fun and discussing health topic with their peers.


After your first visit with the LetsLose physician, you are encouraged to come in weekly for the vitamin injections. We have found that patients who visit weekly for their injections have far better success losing weight.

*Prices range from $16.00 – $42.00 per week

Vitamin Supplements

We offer a line of vitamin supplements that can be taken in conjunction with our programs.

  • *2 week supply — $25
  • *4 week supply — $45

Lipotropic Tablets

These tablets work like the lipotropic injections in that they may help contribute to fat and cholesterol homeostasis.

Clynza Pure

All natural colon cleanser.

Chroma Tabs

These may help create a “full” feeling before eating and can help stabilize blood sugar levels. They also can ease carb cravings.

*Pricing may vary depending on location.


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