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Your Holiday Diet Rescue Could be a Simple GUT Reaction

No doubt you are already having holiday food anxiety as the parade of pastries and carloads of casseroles roll into town. Most of us do not understand HOW the

kinds of foods we eat actually impact our weight loss! Traditionally, it has been believed that successful weight loss is based exclusively on calories consumed vs.

calories burned. However, the truth is that inflammation from food is often a very large factor is causing people to gain weight. Many of us struggle despite eating

fewer calories. Inflammation in the digestive tract caused by certain kinds of foods may be the culprit.

Trillions of bacteria in your intestines play a crucial role in your health and DO affect your weight. Here are just a few things that these busy guys do for you…

• Communicate with your immune system
• Produce vitamins you need
• Affect how different foods are digested
• Produce chemicals that help make you feel full
• Affect how foods are absorbed and how energy is stored in your body

A study of 77 pairs of twins in which one of the twins was obese and the other was not, it was found that the twin who was obese had different bacteria in their gut

(essentially they had fewer types of gut bacteria.) Another study revealed that when the gut bacteria from an obese person was placed into laboratory mice, the

mice gained weight. These studies show us that gut bacteria and gut inflammation is an important factor to consider when pursuing a healthy weight.

What kinds of foods promote healthy gut bacteria and aid in weight loss?

• Lean Proteins
• Healthy Fats (Containing Omega 3, Fish etc.)
• Complex and Fibrous Carbohydrates

What kinds of foods can cause inflammation and sabotage weight loss?

• Sugary Foods and Simple Sugars
• Artificial Sweeteners
• Saturated Fats
• Other possible sources of inflammation can also be dairy, soy, wheat, gluten, peanuts and alcohol.

Eliminating these foods for a period of time can jump start your weight loss! Enjoy the holiday foods without adding extra pounds by including more foods that

will promote healthy gut bacteria and limiting those foods that will increase gut inflammation. We are committed to helping you overcome the battle with