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Weight Loss May Reduce Risk of Knee Arthritis

Weight loss can bring all kinds of benefits, and according to a recent article in HealthDay News, losing weight can protect you from knee arthritis. Americans are getting arthritis of the knee at younger ages, but a study presented at the American College of Rheumatology annual meeting in Chicago indicates that we can avoid this by shedding excess pounds now. Dr. Elena Losina, who authored the study, suspects that obesity and knee injuries are the culprits of the growing problem among Americans.

The good news is that a proper diet and exercise routine might prevent knee arthritis, and another study shows that it can even help those who have arthritis of the knee already.

Dr. Stephen Messier of Wake Forest University did a study in which he found that weight loss has reduced arthritis pain in the knee and raised mobility by as much as 50%. Dr. Messier separated study participants into three groups: one dieted, one exercised, and the third did both. The third group lost the most weight (an average of 11.4% body weight) and reported much less pain and greater mobility, including faster walking speeds.

The article makes a few recommendations for healthy knees in the future:

  • Diet right. Concentrate on low-calorie, low-fat, and low-sugar meal options. Fruit and vegetables are your best bet.
  • Exercise regularly. The article recommends exercise with low knee injury risks, such as swimming and cycling.
  • Easy on the knees. Although knee injuries don’t always lead to knee arthritis, it’s best not to bang them around too much.

This is one more example of how your weight loss journey can help you avoid future health risks!