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Track Your Weight Loss with These Android Apps

Did you know that your smart phone can be a powerful weight loss tool? One new way to keep track of your diet, exercise, and weight is through mobile apps. From lists of diet plans to calorie counters, the tools available offer many new, convenient ways to manage your weight loss journey on the go.

We’ve made a list of some popular weight loss apps that can put a wealth of weight loss tools in the palm of your hand.

  • Lose It! (Android and iPhone)—Lose It! brings you all the tools you need to track your calorie intake and exercise. Simply set a goal, and Lose It! helps you set up a calorie and exercise budget. Its calorie counter adds as you eat and deducts with every activity that you enter. And according to the app website, the average Lose It! user loses 12.3 pounds!
  • MyNetDiary (Android and iPhone)—Like Lose It!, MyNetDiary offers calorie-counting services. What sets this app apart is its massive food database. MyNetDiary has over 416,000 food entries, with more being added each day. This means that you have a pretty good chance of finding the calorie-count of almost any meal, frappuccino, or snack! And with a weight-loss–friendly barcode scanner, it makes shopping on a diet even easier.
  • Diet Point (Android and iPhone)—This app specializes in diet plans. Whether you’re looking for long- or short-term diet solutions, or want a specific diet plan, Diet Point bring you’re the options you want. It includes 55 diet plans sorted into various categories, including vegetarian, low carb, detox, fad, blood type and healthy.

How do you use technology to lose weight? Please comment and let us know!