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The Gift of Corporate Wellness

We give gifts all year long through corporate discounts.

LetsLose provides corporate wellness opportunities to businesses who want to invest in employee health! LetsLose partners with individual offices as well as companies that are ready to make a change for the better. We make team weight loss simple by providing successful programs and an encouraging, expert staff of specialists and physicians committed to seeing your workforce become active, vibrant, and happy.

This is a great opportunity to build team spirit at your office while investing in a better, healthier lifestyle. If you would like to see your company involved in our corporate discount program, then please have your HR department contact Anita Fitch at (334)408-0127.

Check our website to see if your company is a part of our Corporate Wellness program and remember to ask for your discount when you come in.

Keep an eye out for LetsLose at local health fairs and events, or call our corporate office (1-866-LETS-LOSE) to find out how LetsLose can make a difference in your business today!