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Taming the Hunger Monster

Are you constantly being pursued by the horrible Hunger Monster? Instead of hiding out – peeking around the corner and expecting to be overwhelmed by your hunger, why not try a new approach!?

Here are 3 things you can do to avoid the pitfalls of this nasty nightmare:

Have a Plan of Action
Intentionally plan your meals out for several days to a week in advance. (You can do it!) This gives you an opportunity to shop for what you need and reduces the number of times you will instinctively grab something unhealthy when the hunger monster starts to growl.

Head Off an Attack
Really pay attention to your body and honestly evaluate where you are on a hunger/fullness scale of 1-10. When your hunger is at a 1-2 on the scale – start planning what & when you will eat your next meal! By the time your hunger reaches a 5, you will be sitting down to eat instead of being masacred by the munchie mongrel..

Honor Your Fullness
Most people eat until they are full, or even well beyond that point. (I mean let’s get honest.) Did you know that it takes time – up to 20 minutes – for the brain to catch up with the body and recognize that a sufficient amount has been eaten? This is why you do not realize you are overeating until it’s too late! It also explains why a few minutes after your meal you might begin to feel stuffed and really uncomfortable. To honor your fullness you should STOP EATING when you feel that your fullness scale is at a 7 – do not wait until you are at a 10!

If you have a plan, pay attention and be in tune with your body, you will begin to feel more control over your own hunger and be free from future Hunger Monster nightmares!