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Talk Yourself Out Of It!

There’s a lot to be said about what you say! When your routine is

in a rut and you are running low on motivation and stamina, try

something that might feel completely outrageous.  Speak in a

positive and affirming way about your purpose and plans to

achieve your health goals.  Don’t fall into the negativity and

complaining that comes more naturally.  Instead, fill your

conversation with recounting your past success and strategies for

future success.  Sharing positive stories, ideas and hopes with

people will not only serve as fuel for your own engine, but it can be a helpful tool for them as well.  Even if

you do drive people crazy with your optimism, you will be surprised at the power you will activate through

doing this daily.  When you become glum and indulge in negative self-talk, your inner drive is diminished,

and you begin to fall into fatalistic patterns that can lead to set backs.  Even though it is important and

helpful to confide your struggles with a trusted friend, aim for more “happy talk” in your day to day life and

you will begin to see a difference in your overall disposition which can translate into a much more

productive and healthier you!