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Take the 90 Day Challenge

Take the 90 day challenge and shake it up this summer… Advanced Weight Loss Clinic has come across a wonderful meal replacement shake. One taste is all it took; we are now a PROUD distributor of the “Body ByVi” Nutritional Meal Replacement Shakes!

Perfect for adults and children. This ViSalus product is packed full of vitamins & protein that can be used as a snack for the health benefit or a nutritious, delicious meal replacement to aid in weight loss.

The basic shake mixed with water has 90 calories. We often mix it with fresh fruit and either almond or soy milk which brings up the calorie count to between 150 – 210. There are hundreds of yummy recipes to choose from. Fun to make with children this summer for a chilly snack.

For more information visit an AWLC location for a sample.