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Shake it Up With Protein

You are on an epic journey. This weight loss adventure is an experience that requires you to be fully prepared and all in. Don’t set out on the quest of a lifetime without the essential elements for success.  What to pack for the trip? Naturally, you’ll need tons of determination and guts along with some fresh fruits and veggies. But there’s a secret weapon you simply don’t want to leave behind…don’t forget to pack plenty of protein!  A protein shake isn’t a magic bullet but it is a powerful and effective weapon to have in your arsenal when you are staring into the abyss of obesity.

How protein helps you in the heat of the battle…

1) Protein Beats Back Hunger – By slowing down digestion, protein helps you feel full longer, making you less vulnerable to hunger attacks. Use this weapon regularly and watch the calories and weight begin to fall dead at your feet.

2) Protein Curbs Carb Crashes – Sugar highs that crash onto a sugar low sabotage your healthy eating strategy. Using the weapon of protein alongside carbohydrate-rich foods will slow down the absorption of sugar into your bloodstream. That can help keep your blood sugar from acting like a long-range missile attack against your appetite.

3) Protein Fuels the Fire – Protein has a higher TEF (“thermic effect of food” or the energy we use to digest food into small, absorbable components) compared to carbs and fat. That means you actually burn more calories to process protein than carbs or fat. Burn baby, burn!

4) Preserves Power – Your body can’t effectively burn and use fat as energy if it doesn’t have help from either carbohydrates or protein. When you’re losing weight, you lose both muscle and fat that’s why it is so important to continue eating enough protein. When you eat protein it fuels fat burning and preserves calorie-burning lean muscle.

5) Protein Grows Your Guns – Your need for protein increases after intense exercise. That’s why increasing your protein intake on days that you exercise is beneficial. When you strength train, have a high protein snack right after a training session. That’s when your muscles are sensitive to nutrients they can use to repair and grow.

Keep in mind that eating more protein alone won’t necessarily help you shed excess weight in a healthy way. Eating excessive amounts of protein can lead to weight gain just like eating excess carbs or fat. That’s why we offer a great meal replacement protein shake at LetsLose which offers a well balanced approach to keeping your protein intake at optimum levels.

Our Premium Protein Shake

  • Contains Probiotics and digestive enzymes.
  • Contains 4 sources of protein providing maximum bioavailability and absorption
  • Zero added sugar, low carb, low fat, gluten free and Non GMO
  • Suitable for diabetics, paleo and low GI diets
  • No fillers or artificial coloring

Why Probiotics?

Wondering why we added probiotics in our protein powder? Not only are they good for your body, with the ability to balance the friendly bacteria in your digestive system, support immune function & nutrient absorption, but they also support healthy weight management, reduce fatigue and help maintain blood sugar levels (that are already in a healthy range).

But the #1 reason we have added this unique probiotic blend into our protein powder is to help our patients lose belly fat. Oh, that dreaded word… There are a lot of great studies that show the link between probiotics and the reduction of subcutaneous belly fat.

A Protein Shake with Probiotics: Just another tool in the LetsLose, Advanced Weight Loss toolbox. Interested? Come into one of our locations for your shake today.

Our Shake is Loaded with Essential Amino Acids Too!

• Alanine – Aids with Sugar and Acid metabolism, increases immunity, and provides energy for muscle tissue, brain, & your Central Nervous System.

• Arginine – Aids in wound healing, helping your Kidneys remove waste products from your body, maintains immune and hormone function, and dilates and relaxes your arteries.

• Aspartic Acid – Manages hormone production in your body. Aids in building strength, enhances libido, and in muscle building.

• Cysteine – Aids in collagen production, and maintaining healthy hair, nails, and skin. • Glutamic Acid – your metabolic fuel source.

• Glycine – Aids in metabolism and helps protect your liver.

• Histidine – Aids in the prevention of Rheumatoid Arthritis, and anemia related to kidney function.

• Isoleucine – Aids in the detoxification of nitrogenous wastes, stimulates immune function, and promotes secretion of several hormones

Leucine– Contributes to the regulation of blood sugar levels, growth and repair of muscle and bone tissue, regulation of growth hormone production, and accelerates wound healing.

• Lysine – Improves athletic performance, and also aids in preventing cold sores.

• Methionine – Prevents liver damage, colon cancer, neural tube birth defects, Parkinson’s Disease, depression, alcoholism, allergies, asthma, radiation side effects, schizophrenia, drug withdrawal, and many other cellular conditions.

• Phenylalanine – Aids in weight loss, and is also used in reduction of skin diseases, disorders, and reduces dark spots on the skin (liver spots).

• Proline – Increases collagen production, and is the main protein in skin, tendons, bones, connective tissue and promotes their health and healing.

• Serine – Needed for the metabolism of fats, fatty acids, and cell membranes. Promotes muscle growth and a healthy immune system.

• Threonine – Promotes healthy tooth enamel, collagen, and elastin. Also plays an important role in fat metabolism and prevents fat build up around the liver.

• Tryptophan – Aids in increasing athletic performance, reduces emotional symptoms, also aids in smoke cessation.

• Tyrosine – Improves learning, memory, and alertness.

• Valine – Promotes muscle growth and tissue repair. Maintains mental vigor, muscle coordination, and emotional calm