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OBESITY – by Jenny Flynn


What would your life be like if you…
…..were healthier?
…..could control your weight?
…..had the self confidence you desire?

Well, we at Letslose, want to help you achieve this goal in life.

Did you know?
More than one third of adults in the United States are overweight or obese. Individuals that are obese are at a much higher risk for contracting more than 30 medical conditions which include but are not limited to: Type 2 Diabetes (adult onset diabetes), Metabolic Syndrome (cluster of the most heart attack risk factors), Hypertension (high blood pressure), Coronary Heart Disease (narrowing of the blood vessels that carry blood to the heart), certain forms of Cancer, Gall Bladder Disease(modern illness of diseases of the gallbladder ex: gallstones), Respiratory problems(breathing problems consisting of asthma and allergy problems), Sleep Apnea (sleep disorder which causes abnormal breathing patterns), Arthritis (inflammation of the joints), Stroke and Depression.

Now we can more fully understand why a weight reduction as small as 10 percent can significantly reduce an individuals health risk.

We, at Letslose would like to provide you with some psychological support by helping you identify your food triggers and the difficulties you have experienced in previous weight loss efforts and helping you find the key to remain healthy forever. We believe it takes a team effort and we support our patients in helping them modify their behavior that have prevented past success.

Letslose would like to start with a few suggestions to offer you which consist of: choosing healthy foods, exercise, be realistic, eat a balanced diet, reduce
portion size, seek family support, and keep a food diary.

Also, make a habit in reducing bad foods from your diet by limiting: saturated fat, total fat, alcohol, salt, sodium, sweets and empty calorie foods.

Everyone makes mistakes, and has bad days, but work to prevent them from occurring by NOT: moving too quickly, eliminating entire food groups, failing to exercise, eating and drinking hidden fats, cutting too many calories and being impatient.

We at Letslose, would like to encourage our patients to take baby steps, plan menus, prepare meals at home, cut out restaurant meals, and with all this it will change your life!

PSALM 103:1: Praise the Lord, my soul, and never forget all the good he has done: He is the one who forgives all your sins, the one who heals all your diseases