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New Childrens Program

LetsLose is gearing up for summer in a very special way; with a new children’s weight loss program. We are so excited to be able to help the younger population in a FUN, safe, yet effective way. While medications and injections work wonderfully for weight loss in adults, they are inappropriate for children and will not be used in this new program.

Did I mention FUN? There will be many aspects to this program such as: education, games, exercise and encouragement from not only the AWLC staff, but also peers fighting the same struggles.

I did mention FUN right? The key to this program is to insure the child does not have any feelings of guilt or shame while helping both the child and the parents identify solutions to correct poor eating behaviors.

Ultimately, our goal is that children will look forward to each visit and finish the program with all the tools they need to break free from the bondage of obesity.