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Motivate Me: Don’t Make This Mistake!

Dr. Oz recently commented on one of the more significant mistakes people make when deciding to lose weight: waiting on motivation.

Many different things motivate people to lose weight, from the sobering reality of heart disease to the thrill of seeing a friend triumphantly drop 20 pounds. Dr. Oz notes that different people begin their weight loss journey for various reasons, but all too many people refrain from losing weight until they feel that “push.”

“People who want to lose weight often are waiting for motivation to break down the door and lead them to the promised land of skinny jeans, bikinis, and granite abs,” says the doctor. “What does it take? Actually, nothing more than a small gesture.”

Dr. Oz recommends taking action—any action, no matter how small. Setting out running shoes and making a healthy dinner tonight are a few suggestions he gives. We at LetsLose have put together a few “first steps” in weight loss, too:

  • Get water. The next time you go to the fridge for a soda, pour a glass of water instead. Get the next latté with skim milk.
  • Take the stairs. Squeeze in some exercise when you’re walking from office to office at work. You don’t have to walk up 17 flights; you might just start with two or three and take the elevator from there.
  • Tell someone. Tell a friend that you plan to lose weight. This will help keep you accountable. Ask him or her to pray for you as you begin the journey.

What motivated you? Or did you push yourself forward before your weight loss epiphany? We would love to hear how your story began!