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Is Your Weight in Your Way at Work?

We often think of obesity as something that stands in the way of a healthy life at home, but what about how our weight affects our careers?
According to a 2008 Forbes study, being overweight can make it harder to get a job (as if it weren’t hard enough in this economy) and harder to move up the corporate ladder. It’s a point of concern for employers, as overweight employees statistically cost them more in medical expenses. Losing weight might not only be a good personal project, it could be a smart career move, too. LetsLose has put together a few suggestions that can put you on the path to weight loss and professional success!

  • Use your resources. Many companies value their employees’ health, and want them to stay in good shape. See if your employer has a partnership with any local gyms; you might be eligible for a discounted membership!
  • Find some camaraderie. Some of your coworkers may be trying to lose weight, too. You might want to take walks during lunch together, or just encourage one another as you pursue your weight loss goals.
  •  Ask about a corporate wellness program. Could your office benefit from a little team-building exercise? Your employer might consider starting a corporate wellness program for you and your coworkers. This might include special incentives, healthy competition, and the fun of working toward a healthy life with your coworkers. It can also help keep those medical costs down for your company!

Have you found any good ways to integrate your weight loss strategy with your professional life? If so, please share; we’d love to hear your success stories!