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Is Your Diet Too Extreme?

We live in a quick-fix society of self-parking cars and apps for everything. It’s easy to imagine that, in a culture where what we want is usually within a few minutes’ reach, the weight loss we want should be right around the corner.

This is how fad diets crop up. We’re not used to waiting; we want results we can see, and we want them now. So we go on extreme diets and purges, eating nutrition-free, unappetizing, just-plain-weird foods in hopes of reaching a smaller size a little faster.
The problem with the quick-fix attitude is that it can forget the main focus of proper weight loss: your health! In her recent interview on, nutritionist and dietician Michelle Babb advises dieters to focus on being healthy, rather than skinny. We at LetsLose have condensed the interview into a few takeaway points.

  • Crash dieting is unhealthy. Babb notes that extreme diets that severely limit your intake might not even help you lose weight. Your body will sense the lack of incoming food and store up as much fat as it can, thinking that it will need it to last. This is unhealthy, and it certainly won’t help you lose weight!
  • It’s about your lifestyle. The best way to lose weight is to alter your lifestyle, not just your lunch. Exercise, a proper outlook for food and yourself, and the support of those around you will work wonders. “It takes time,” Babb says, “but the end result is worth it and it allows people to ditch the dieting mentality forever.”

What were your expectations when you started dieting? How do you stay focused on your health first, and then your figure? Comment and share!