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If You GOT IT… Go Ahead and FLAUNT IT! Accessorize For Your SIZE!

Embrace the power of accessories and the power of your curves! Just follow a few simple rules and instead of adding attention to those tiny flaws, you will be putting all the focus on how great you look!

  • Handbags​:  To create proportion and overall balance to your look, petite women should choose small to medium sized bags, while curvier gals need to stay away from anything tiny and opt for larger pieces.
  • Belts:  Narrow or wide? Which one is best for you? It depends on your torso length and your height. Taller ladies or longer torsos benefit from wider belts, while shorter ladies or short torsos look best with a narrow belt.
  • Belt Placement:  When adding a belt to your outfit, make it flatter your body shape. If your an apple shape (thick middle), wear your belt right under your bra line to create a hight waist. If your square shaped with broad shoulders, wear your belt at your natural waist to add the look of curves. And for girls with fuller hips and bust, belt at the narrowest part of your waist to emphasize an hourglass figure.
  • Play Up Your Features:  Play up your favorite body part to make those features stand out. Great arms? Add a flattering bracelet and bold ring. Narrow waist? Accent with a trendy belt. Beautiful eyes? Wear a color that makes them really pop!
  • Shoes:  Avoid ankle straps and fluffy boots which can make legs look shorter. To add length, stick with classic pumps, simple flats and smooth leather boots.
  • Jewelry:  Accessorize for your body shape with jewelry. Chunky, eye catching earrings worn with a flattering neck line can make your bust appear larger. Or play down fullness on top by wearing long pendant necklaces instead.