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Hang in There! How Perserverance and Faith Can Transform Any Challenge

Let’s take a break from the weight loss news and talk about real life.

The road to a vibrant, healthy life often feels more like an obstacle course than anything else. Change your diet, change your exercise, change your routine—change your whole life! It might be easier if we could see or feel some results right through the gate (positive results that is!), but that’s not always the case. You’ve got to stick with it.

It’s hard. But it pays off in the end.

LetsLose went through a similar phase as a company. We started off as a simple clinic with a big idea: making simple, successful weight loss solutions available to anyone who would go the distance. We trusted that God wanted us in this business to give people the supplies and support they needed to pursue a happier, healthier life; however, we didn’t get off to the most convincing start.

Business slowed down, and we couldn’t even afford our staff of two (including our founder)—let alone rent. For a brief period of time, it looked like our dream was over. We almost shut our doors for good.

But through the grace of God—and a lot of hard, no-pay work—we made it! We began expanding just two months afterward, and we’ve been growing ever since.

What does our history have to do with the weight loss journey? It’s just another testimony to how faith in God and perseverance can pull you through the hard times and closer to your goals, especially weight loss goals. It’s good to find some encouragement along the journey, because it’s going to get touch at times.

And for those times, we’ve put together a few tips for beating back that urge to give in:

  • Pray. Pray a lot. Ask God for perseverance, strength, resolve, and even results. He cares for you like no one else can.
  • Talk it out. Talk to your trainer, doctor, and friends. Find someone who believes in you, someone who can understand your difficulties and push you to keep trying anyway.
  • Read success stories. See how people just like you kept fighting for their weight loss—and won!

How do you keep yourself dedicated to your weight loss goals? If you have an encouraging story to share, please comment!