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Crossing The Dreaded Weight Loss PLATEAU

Crossing The Dreaded Weight Loss PLATEAU!

Unfortunately, even the most diligent dieter can hit a roadblock! A weight loss plateau occurs when you stop losing weight despite continuing your normal exercise and low calorie eating habits.

In the beginning, you’re losing weight and everything is GREAT! Some of the weight loss you have been experiencing comes from water. When you consume fewer calories, your body will get it’s energy by releasing glycogen, which in turn will result in shedding extra water weight.

In addition to shedding excess water, when you lose weight, you lose fat and LEAN TISSUE. The loss of this lean tissue can slow down your metabolism, so eventually your weight loss efforts are back in sync with your metabolism.

So how do you get past this PLATEAU? The answer is to increase your activity and lower your calorie intake. Try cutting back 150 to 200 calories per day, but careful not to dip below the 1200 calorie mark.

Also, try changing up your exercise routine. Variety can help to reinvigorate a stale workout and help you get out of the weight loss rut.

Remember, what matters most is how you feel. You have to appreciate the skin your in, and above all know that you are BEAUTIFUL AT ANY SIZE!