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Corporate Discounts Are a Win Win!

Are you an employer or HR Director? Did you know that LetsLose offers a 12 week program that will set your employees on the path to lifelong wellness!


Employers…This summer is the perfect time to launch your companies Corporate Wellness initiative  because it’s a time when your employees are already turning their thoughts toward better health! Warm weather activities, vacation season, and longer days are great springboards to promoting a season of corporate wellness.  LetsLose Corporate Wellness Incentives are a win-win for you and your employees. A Corporate Wellness Program has proven to achieve the following benefits that you can expect for your own company…


  • Notable decrease in absenteeism
  • Natural increase in worker productivity
  • Dramatic reduction in your company insurance premiums
  • Improvement to the overall quality-of-life for your workers
  • Increase in employee loyalty
  • Lowers employee turnover rates


If you are seeking a sincere and effective way to show your staff that you are committed to their long term wellbeing, providing wellness and weight loss support is an excellent option.


Both your company and your staff will benefit so don’t wait to start lowering your company’ bottom line and raising employee morale, loyalty, and wellness for a new season of health for both!


Employees, Check out our Corporate Discounts Participants List:

If you would like to see your company in the corporate discount list, then please have your HR department contact Anita Fitch at (334)408-0127. If your company is listed below, remember to ask for your discount when you come in.