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If it took us awhile to pack on the pounds, why do we expect it to drop off at light speed? For most of us, there is a defining moment that becomes your wake-up call. Maybe it’s doctor’s orders, or just finding that old pair of (was I really that skinny?!) jeans from high school and suddenly reality sinks in like a jelly donut… you’re OVERWEIGHT.

Now comes the tricky part, shedding those extra pounds, and even MORE guesswork, HOW? Don’t let yourself get fooled by gimmicks and fads that promise something too good to be true.

At LetsLose Advanced Weight Loss Clinics we believe in keeping things simple! We are a Christ centered company, our mission is to serve each patient the way we would want to be served (Luke 6:31), to provide encouragement and support, and for our patients to become a success story that can be shared with others. We see the proof behind our product every day with the victories that our patients experience.

Most of us have had a goal that didn’t happen as quickly as we wanted it to. Yes, you worked at it, but it seemed every possible obstacle got in the way, and finally you gave up. If that desire to be a happier, healthier person has been laying dormant inside you for awhile… DON’T GIVE UP!

Remember, a little FAITH can go a long way, even in dieting. No challenge is too small or to petty for us to pray for strength. The things you’ve waited for in your life, God will bring to fulfillment. Faith is Fail-proof… we can give you the tools, and the rest is up to you.  You’ve Got This!