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Be SuperNatural! Free Oculus VR Demonstrations

Anybody get an Oculus Quest under the tree this year?  If so, let the fun begin!

If you have access to an Oculus and want to do a super fun, full body exercise, then consider SuperNatural.

Did you know that LetsLose likes to make working out fun? We know how important movement is to the health and wellness of a body. We also know that the best exercise for anyone is the one that they will do.

With that in mind, we encourage you to find the exercise that you love and it will move you!

Move more today so that 20 years from now you can keep moving.

Each LetsLose clinic has an Oculus with SuperNatural loaded on it. They were put in place for the employees to use as well as to demonstrate to patients how exercise can be fun.

Don’t have an Oculus yet but interested in getting one? This is not an affiliate link, but just passing on the best SuperNatural trial offer I have seen yet. At the time of this post Walmart had an offer of 60 day free SuperNatural access if you buy at THIS LINK

Alternately, each clinic has access to 5 guest passes a month to give a 30 day trial of SuperNatural. Want to know more? Contact any clinic location and ask for a free SuperNatural demonstration.

Thinking about joining our program? Act fast and SCHEDULE NOW to get started this week. We only have a limited number of appointments!