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Back to School – Back to Routine – Back to Weight Loss

Back To School – Back to Routine 


Whether you’re working, home with the kids, or both… finding the time to exercise can be a challenge. But before you grab that bag of cookies and convince yourself you have no time for exercise… Think AGAIN!!

The big obstacle for most of us is TIME… but by following this guide, you can identify the best time for exercise as well as setting realistic goals for yourself.

DECIDE ON A TYPE OF EXERCISE. You may want a gentle wake-up routine like Yoga, a more intense cardio fix like Zumba, or simply walking around the neighborhood. There is a type of exercise that suits your personal interests and ability.
SCHEDULE TIME TO EXERCISE. Even if you can only spare a half hour two times per week, identify the time slot and get moving. It could mean waking up early, taking 30 minutes on a lunch break, or even after the kids are in bed. There is TIME to exercise if you really make the effort.
SET REASONABLE GOALS. If you haven’t exercised since high school gym class, don’t think you have to start big. Your more likely to stick with a reasonable goal. Start out slow and build up to bigger challenges.
MAKE EXERCISING A PRIORITY. Inspire yourself to exercise. Think about the physical and emotional benefits you’re receiving. It’s sometimes helpful to reward yourself with new gym clothing or a fitness magazine for completing a good work-out, and sticking to it.
DON’T BE TOO HARD ON YOURSELF. We all know Life Happens, and sometimes it’s all right to miss a day of exercise. Just remember to stay dedicated, and get back to your routine as soon as you can.