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If Linus were to revisit the pumpkin patch in 2019, he would have an unlimited supply of gifts to offer up to his imaginary great pumpkin god.

This year’s fall flavor offerings are not only epic but bordering on the pumpkin insanity! The mass hysteria over all things pumpkin provides a smorgasbord of options for anyone seeking to add some “spice” to your diet. What began with the fall variety flavored coffees has launched the grinning gourd into orbit and oozed into every food and health niche! So, why not get on the pumpkin train and enjoy the ride while you can? After all, you might just find a favorite that will carry you into the holidays without the extra pounds.

Sure, you will find an excessive number of sugary sweet temptations with an orange glow but here is a small offering of some healthier options to light your jack-o-lantern!

Protein Bars have entered the ring!  Health options from makers like KIND (5 net carbs, 5 protein), PERFECT BARS (14G Protein), QUEST (21 G Protein, 4 Carbs) and even PREMIER PROTEIN DRINK are ready for your treat bag!

Breakfast Options are in the game too with Pumpkin Spice Oatmeal and Protein Rich Kodiak Pumpkin Dark Chocolate Muffins as well as Pancake/Waffle Mixes too!

Treat yourself to some Pumpkin Pie or Sea Salt Caramel Dessert Hummus, Blue Diamond Almonds with Pumpkin Spice or Pumpkin spiced peanut butters.  The pumpkin possibilities are endless. Did we say “Pumpkin is where it’s at?”