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Alabama State Employees Insurance Board (SEIB) Weight Loss Coverage

Great News!

The Alabama State Employees Insurance Board (SEIB) will cover approved physician supervised weight management  and nutritional counseling programs.

The SEIB will reimburse up to 80% of the cost of a physician supervised weight management program and/or  nutritional counseling, with no deductible, not to exceed $150 per calendar year.

This is great news, it means that this benefit will cover the initial patient visit, plus the second visit.  Letslose, Advanced Weight Loss Clinics also offer a discount for state employees.

New and existing state insured patients can apply for this reimbursement by forwarding your name, address, contract number, daytime phone number, copy of the program receipt(s), and program contact information to:

State Employees’ Insurance Board
Wellness Division
PO Box 304900
Montgomery, AL 36130-4900