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Celebrate Victory

Celebrating small successes or mini goals while on your weight loss journey, will help keep you motivated and anticipating the next mini goal.

The key to the mini-goal concept:

  • Set your sights on one mini goal at a time,
  • Be realistic,
  • Mini-goals should be easily measured,
  • When you reach a goal, treat yourself with non-food rewards, such as spa day,  new shoes, etc.

To make sure that you reap the full benefits of mini goals, keep track of them in a journal.  Mini goals should be put in place as a part of an overall diet and fitness plan. Establish your long-term goal, then break it down into what you can do as a mini goal on a weekly basis to continue to push yourself a bit further at a time and motivate yourself to stay on track.  An alternate for pounds lost goals would be setting goals for something you accomplish, such as: working out for four times per week for at least thirty minutes, or maintaining a calorie restriction for two weeks.

Go ahead, start a journal, set your main goal, break it down to weekly mini goals and start celebrating victory!

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