Is this program safe?

All of the programs we offer are very safe. Vitamin and hormone therapy have been around for many years, and the results are clinically proven. We believe that these are some of the safest methods for weight loss and we make sure our patients are closely monitored by our physicians and trained technicians.

Will an appetite suppressant make me feel funny?

They do have a tendency to make some patients jittery or sleepless but this side effect is rare and usually subsides within a few days of beginning treatment. We offer a time-release capsule for patients who may be more sensitive.

Should I do this program if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

The appetite suppressants and supplements should not be taken while breastfeeding or pregnant. The injections should be cleared through your OB physician.

If I leave the program for any reason, may I come back easily or do I have to pay additional fees?

With our vitamin program, we never charge restart fees. You are welcome back at any time; once a patient, always a patient.

Are the injections safe for children?

Yes. We will consider the vitamin injections for patients 16 years old and above (a parent or legal guardian must attend the initial appointment with minor and fill out consent forms.

We also offer our children’s program, which teaches kids about nutrition and exercise. A good health education can benefit a child for the rest of his or her life!

As a member, am I allowed to go to any location or am I bound to just one?

Our patients are welcome to come in to any of our many locations. In order for us to provide the best possible service, we do ask that you call to make an appointment for all visits. If you prefer, our staff can assist you in a standing appointment at the same time each week.