Director of Corporate Wellness, Certified Health Coach  2010

Anita Fitch is a Health Coach, certified through the BHC, Health Coach Institute. She came to LetsLose after 24 years in the paper industry, where she was responsible for assisting with employee safety, assessment practices and quality. She’s well aware of the need for healthy, productive employees in the workplace, and she joined LetsLose to continue helping businesses, organizations, and offices pursue happy, healthy lives for their employees. Anita brings her extensive experience and training in leadership, safety, communication, and health to our corporate wellness programs as she finds ways for LetsLose to partner with businesses for simple, successful weight loss solutions.

Anita knows that a company of healthy people is a healthy company! Look out for her at local health fairs and community events as she spreads the news of how LetsLose weight loss programs can transform your corporate culture into a place where you love to work. LetsLose corporate wellness programs promote teamwork, goal-setting, and a spirit of encouragement, and Anita can’t wait to bring them to your workplace! To find out more about how Anita can help your employees pursue happier, healthier lives, please visit our corporate wellness Web page.

When Anita isn’t transforming local businesses through our weight loss programs, she’s probably out travelling with her family or catching an Alabama game!